What differs Bluewater from other RO manufacturers?

Bluewater’s two top of the line models, Bluewater Spirit and Bluewater PRO, utilize our patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology that enables us to purify tap water faster, at a higher purification grade, and with less wastage.

Highest level of purification

Utilizing our patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology we remove up to 99% of most waterborne contaminants that can threaten health or taste such as lead, copper, cysts and nitrates. Bluewater units remove particles down to 0,0001 μm in size (400 times smaller than the smallest virus). Bluewater’s Pro has unique technology enabling it to turn brackish water into pure water by handling an inlet water TDS (total dissolved solids) value up to 7,500 ppm.


Market leading water flow with less waste water

Benefit from market-leading clean water flow delivery rate from the tap with an average daily production of up to 7,000 litres a day. Bluewater’s water purifiers have an average recovery up to 70%. In traditional reverse osmosis systems, the recovery is normally 25%. Enjoy direct flow of purified water on demand with much less water wasted and no need for a water tank. 

Longer durability and easy maintenance

Bluewater units are produced using the best components available with a strong internal patented recirculation flow that reduces salt build-up to help ensure a longer membrane lifetime. Our patented technology dramatically extends the life of the membrane filter beyond all competing products. Depending on the quality of inlet water, the expected lifetime is 4 - 6 years. Recommended prefilter change is every 6 months.


Functional and compact Scandinavian design 

Sleek and stylish, engineered and designed in Sweden, our Bluewater water purifiers looks as great as they are efficient. They fit perfectly into any environment, both residential and commercial/professional. What you see is what you need. The Bluewater units are practically plug-and-play for any professional plumber, presented in a neat and compact design which fits perfectly under the kitchen sink.

Integrated safeguards

• Low inlet water pressure switch that automatically turns the unit off in the event of water

pressure loss.

• Filter monitor that alerts you when filters need to be replaced.

• Leak detection and shut-off switch that detects leaks and shuts off unit automatically.

• Purified water quality monitor alerts you when/if the water quality is low.

• Membrane flush valve which performs periodic flush of filter membrane to maintain optimal

flow rate and filter life.

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