Can you use any faucet with a Bluewater purifier?

Do you need to decide which faucet to install with your new purifier? We will now walk you through the different options!

Bluewater faucets are the perfect complement to your water purifier, exclusively engineered to secure clean water from your reverse osmosis or SuperiorOsmosis unit to your drinking glass.

Choose from three different options to suit your style and kitchen requirements.

Bluewater Pure Water Faucet 

SKU: 919240945

Compatible with all Bluewater purifiers.

The Bluewater Pure Water Faucet is the perfect choice  when you want simple and straightforward function from a premium reverse osmosis faucet.

Bluewater Pure Water Faucet

Scandinavian design
Minimalistic Scandinavian design that compliments most any kitchen decor.

High Quality
Food-grade stainless steel faucet with ceramic core valve for safe handling of water treated by SuperiorOsmosis™ and reverse osmosis purification systems. NSF certified, to ANSI,
and CAN 61 to ensure delivery of safe, purified water from the faucet.

360°-swivel spout
For easy access to the water and effortless handling. User friendly design with
short installation time.

Bluewater Pure Water Faucet with LED Light

SKU: 919240946

Only compatible with Spirit & Pro.

Always know when your water is safe to drink – and even when it’s not. The LED indicator light at the faucet base shines blue when purified water flows from your faucet, orange when it’s not safe to drink, and pulsating orange when it’s time to change the filter.

Bluewater LED faucet

Instant feedback on water quality
Always know when your water is safe to drink with instant visual feedback. The integrated LED indicator at the base of the faucet shines blue when your water is purified and safe
to drink. A solid orange LED means your water is being purified (TDS levels too high).
A pulsating orange LED means it’s time to replace the filter on your Bluewater water purifier.

Compatible with SuperiorOsmosis™ and Reverse Osmosis water purifiers
Purified water flows directly from your kitchen sink through a single high-quality, food-grade, lead-free stainless steel faucet. Unlike other reverse-osmosis faucets made of brass
and low-grade stainless steel, there’s minimal risk of metals that cause health effects
leaching into your water.

Easy to install and easy to use
Minimalist Scandinavian design with 360° swivel spout and ceramic disc valves ensure
long service lifetime and superior performance with high volumes of water flowing
directly from your faucet. 

Bluewater 3-way Kitchen Faucet

SKU: 919240947

Compatible with all Bluewater purifiers. 

Enjoy instant access to purified water and unfiltered hot and cold tap water directly from the sleek, square-neck Bluewater 3-way Kitchen Faucet. Separate supply lines from your under-the-sink water purification system and your municipal water line ensure no risk of cross-contamination.

Bluewater 3-way Kitchen Faucet

A single dual-lever faucet
For instant access to purified reverse osmosis water and unfiltered hot and cold tap water. No need to drill extra holes into your kitchen counter or stainless steel or porcelain sink.

Separate water supply lines in the faucet
By separating the purified water from your municipal water you will ensure no risk of cross-contamination.

Unrestricted best-in-class water flow.
Unlimited direct flow of safe, great-tasting purified water. No waiting – much faster to fill your glass, water jug or pitcher, stock pot or tank with filtered RO water or purified SuperiorOsmosis water.