How do I report a warranty claim?

Bluewater products are of excellent quality, but even they will break from time to time. Here you have the information on what to do if you are a dealer/distributor and the machine is within the warranty period.

To see our current warranty, please go here

1. The first step in any claim procedure is to fill in the Bluewater Incident report. The easiest way is to log into your Customer portal - which can be found in the Bluewater Helpdesk - and fill in the online version of the incident report. Without the incident report, we will not be able to process any claims as this is the foundation for our internal decision process. 

Fill in the Incident Report as detailed as possible. There are a couple of measurement values that always will be needed, no matter the claim. By knowing these, it is a lot easier for your technicians to take these measurements directly in the field and not having to go back for a second visit:

Serial number of machine
Inlet TDS
Pure water TDS
Reject water TDS
Pure water flow
Reject water flow
Membrane working pressure (applicable for Spirit & Pro)

If you need help on how to take these measurements, please go to the Troubleshooting  section for your specific product. There you will find help on how to take all of these measurements. 

The more detailed you fill in the Incident Report, the quicker we will be able to decide on approving your warranty claim. 


If we do not receive a filled-in Incident Report, we will not be able to process your claim. 

2. After you have filled in the online Incident report, we will automatically receive the information and start processing your claim. Should you choose to instead fill in the physical version you will have to scan it and send it to We will after that get back with a verification that your claim has been received. 

3. If the information you sent is complete we will straight away make a decision on your claim. Should the information however be lacking, then we need to come back to you for follow-up questions.

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4. If the claim is accepted, the most common is that we give you a credit note for the value of the damaged product. You can then use this amount on your next order with us. 

5. Should your claim be rejected we will reach out to you and explain why this decision has been taken. The most normal cause is that the machine is outside of the warranty period.


We hope that this information has helped! Do not hesitate to reach out to your sales representative if you need more information on our claims procedure.